How to Wear a Tie Clip or Tie Bar

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Tie clips and tie bars are again becoming a popular and fun accessory for those with style. A tie clip has a dedicated fastener to attach to the tie and shirt whereas a tie bar works more like a bobby pin and does not have a dedicated fastener. Check out our unique tie clips in our Men's Accessories. Here we will describe fashion tips and tricks to keep you in the groove.

Style and Function:
Tie clips can help you to make your look unique and clean. They also serve a functional purpose by keeping the tie in place and preventing the tie from shifting to the side during the day. Holding the tie in place keeps the tie from moving around when you lean over, so you’re less likely to put your tie in your morning coffee and bagel.
Tie clips are generally worn between the 3rd and 4th button on the shirt, approximately at the apex of the breastbone. You can wear it higher or lower depending on the function and style required, but generally aiming for the apex of the sternum is a good place to start.
Pro Tips:
1. Place the tie clip around the both parts of the tie first, then clip it to the shirt. The clip loses its functionality if it is not attached to both the tie and the shirt
2. Tie clips are best worn when they cover about 70% to 85% of the tie. You don’t want the tie bar to cover the full length of the tie, it becomes overbearing. Conversely, having a tie clip too small looks odd too, so the sweet spot is around three-quarters the width of the tie, you can always slide the tie clip into a position that harmonizes well with the tie thickness and visibility.
3. Wear the tie clip with a tie that is more subtle and with solid color. Generally, you don’t want the tie to over-power the elegance of the tie clip.
Tilt or no tilt?
Fred Astaire, a famous 20th century dancer and television personality

Frank Astaire, famous television personality. Wears tie clip tilted. Gift ideas for optometrists.

For most occasions, we recommend wearing your tie clips and tie bars along the horizontal plane, however some occasions call for a more relaxed look. When those occasions arise, it is suggested to have the tie clip tilted not more than 45 degrees.
But hey, its your tie clip, have some fun with it!
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