Best Gift Ideas for the Eye Care Professional

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Finding the right gift for the eye doctor, optician or eye care professional in your life can be challenging. Fear not, we have five simple gift ideas that will put a Twinkle in their eye.
Number 5: Accessories and Jewelry:    
Eye Care Professionals are known to be very fashionable and practical. At Eye Gifts, we are proud of our hand-crafted jewelry and want to share our love of simple elegance with you. These designs will bring light and joy to those who receive them. Check out our accessories for women and men. Available at Eye Gifts.
This luxurious Infinity Scarf makes a perfect gift for the eye doctor or optician to wear around the office! Available in black or gray at Eye Gifts.
These eye-catching dress socks are a great gift for the eye doctor or optician and are a lot of fun to wear! Available at Eye Gifts.
These custom-made French eye glasses cufflinks are a great way to accessorize the look for the eye doctor, optician or eye care provider. Available at Eye Gifts!
These stylish eye glasses tie clips are a fun way to accessorise the tie! They make a great gift for the eye care provider! We also have an article giving tips on how to wear a tie clip. Available in Silver or Gold color at Eye Gifts.
A bedazzled eye glasses brooch makes an excellent gift for the stylish eye doctor! Available in gold, silver, and rose gold at Eye Gifts!
The classic style of an eye glasses key chain and bottle opener is sure to bring a smile to the face and to those who need that bottle of pop opened! Available in silver color and bronze color at Eye Gifts!
This subtle and stylish watch is a fun accessory and a great gift for the eye care professional or eye doctor. Available in four colors: rose gold, silver, red and black at Eye Gifts.
An eye glasses bracelet adds subtle luxury and makes a great gift for the the style of the eye doctor in your life. Available in gold or silver at Eye Gifts.
The eye glasses necklace is a delicate and functional accessory and makes a great gift for the eye doctor and optician. Available in Gold or Silver at Eye Gifts.
The Cat-eye eye glasses necklace is a great gift for the fashionable eye doctor. it is available in Gold or Silver or Rose Gold color at Eye Gifts.
Number 4: Coffee
Eye Care Professionals, in general, LOVE coffee. We are pleased to offer single origin coffee from BLQ Market. The fun style and rich flavor of these beans can only be found at We are pleased to also offer the same great tasting coffees as a fundraiser for Amigos EyeCare.
This coffee has a distinct flavor. This single origin coffee from Tanzania is full of surprises. Every sip is as flavorful as the last. As a medium roast the tones are very delightful. A floral aroma of jasmine, with a fruity taste of pear and strawberry finish. A great way to enlighten your mind and body. Available at Eye Gifts.
This single origin coffee from Guatemala represents the best coffee from the region. It has a complex profile of bright fruity aroma, butterscotch body and a dark chocolate finish. This cup is perfectly paired with a light breakfast or as a great midday pick-me-up and will surely transport you to the coffee culture of Antigua, Guatemala. Available at Eye Gifts.
Seemingly straight from the rainforest villages of Costa Rica, this single origin coffee from Costa Rica is a medium roast with a fresh palate. Tones of sweet apples, raisins and honey will invigorate your soul and bring a lovely presence to your day. Welcome to paradise. Available at Eye Gifts.
The house roast espresso from is near and dear to our hearts. Each of the 6 bean varieties is carefully selected to make this wonderful, always changing roast. If you want to go around the world with us in one cup, this is the roast for you! Available at Eye Gifts.
Amigos Eye Care Coffee Fundraiser
Purchases of the Amigos branded coffees directly fund the Amigos organization and enable students and doctors of optometry to provide eye care services to people in need around the world.
The purchase of the Amigos labeled bags helps enable optometry students to provide eye care services in places like Eastern Oregon, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Senegal and many others!
Number 3: Spa, Facial and Massage
We all work hard, but it sure is nice to treat yourself every once in awhile. Either as a gift to yourself or to that special Eye Care Professional in your life, a day at the spa is always a welcome treat. You know the best spa and massage places in your area, or just do a quick Yelp search!
Number 2: Wine Tasting for Two
Many Eye Care Professionals enjoy time out of the office and a day trip to the nearest winery with their significant other or with you! This is a great way for them to let the hair down and enjoy life. If you need some tips on the best spots to go in your area, check out the Yelp reviews on the wineries in your area. The delicious wines are beaconing!
Number 1: A Smile and a Hug
Honestly, all of the above options are great gift ideas for the Eye Care Professional in your life, but really, what do people want most of all? To be loved and appreciated. So give 'em a hug and check out these great health benefits from Healthline.
~To Put A Twinkle in Your Eye
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